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The Musings of One Nicholas B. Knight

It's not as depressing as you'd think.

Nicholas De Brabant
20 April
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Hello, I'm Detective Nicholas Knight and I'm a vampire. Anyway, I live in Toronto Milliways Toronto, work in Metro Homicide Security as backup Metro Homicide, and spend my free time painting, watching old movies with my friend Natalie hanging around the bar, rereading my old scholarly texts, and guilt-tripping about the thousands upon thousands of people that I murdered centuries ago. As it is now, I'm trying to repay society for my sins and perhaps even become mortal again, though this concern has been put on the backburner somewhat as Nat's stretched science to its limit already and we've got squat.

Odd Appearance?
Well, I'm just your average 800 year old blonde haired, blue eyed boy, but I will admit that I tend to get a pair of wicked fangs and street-light colored eyes when I'm really pissed/crazy/possessed/hungry/aroused/wounded/desperate/beserk/confused. Also, since this came up, I smell somewhat like honey and wine when I haven't been drinking, and a great deal like blood when I have. But don't worry, it's cow past due donation blood...I promise!

  • "Well, I'm no longer looking for my cure. I now believe that I can gain my redemption as I am, and that attempting to become human is nothing more than a distraction from what is most important: doing all that I can to help others in penance.

  • "I've...recently remembered some unpleasantness from my mortal existance which has revealed certain...gifts to me, but they aren't really under my control yet.

  • "I've also discovered the side effect of some of these gifts. While I don't feel like discussing it, I advise...avoiding me should I look relatively calm with red glowing eyes."

  • In addition, since accompanying Kitt (K.I.T.T [always_k_i_t_t]) to his world, Nick also has another form while in that universe, that of N.I.C.K (Neo-Investigation Car Knight [or Non-Intelligent Car Knight, depends who you ask]), a yellow Pontiac Trans-Am with a blue scanner on the front. He's nearly identical to KITT (outside of the color, slightly more sensative bio-scanners, and a slightly overpowered/out of control microjammer) and is known to the Knight Industries group. Best speed for the test track so far: 70 mph.

  • Lastly, Nick has two very important items: one, he possesses a check card with just about enough money to buy a country and two, Delirium made him a coffee mug which can make blood taste like something different every sip. Since this thread, Nick now also possesses a wooden disc which, upon activation, will allow him to walk in the sunlight. At that time, he will look somewhat like "a 3D painting of himself". It was given to him by prince_arithon.

  • Currently engaged to theprettiestone.

  • ETA: Nick was mortal, died, and is now a vampire of the She-who-must-not-be-named Universe.

  • And here's a quote about the effect of drinking someone's blood because I'm sick of looking it up every time, dammit:

    Nat: So you could tell who it was from just one sip?
    Nick: Who it was, what he thought, who he loved, how he died.
    You have to understand that every drop of blood has your
    whole life in it. It's not just our food. It's the way
    we feel life. Imagine if you could know someone's soul
    just by sharing their blood. Everything you know, everything
    you are transformed into touch and taste. Imagine the
    tempation to take just one sip, one sip and then another,
    then another. To take them inside you and know every secret.
    To let them know yours. To be them. That's why it's such
    a tough habit to break.

    Nick Knight (Nicholas De Brabant, Nicholas Chevalier, etc.) is a character from Forever Knight, my favorite TV show. He is being used, for no profit whatsoever, for milliways_bar as part of the internet's finest RPG!

    He is played by daniidebrabant with much love...and endless amounts of crack.